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Our Sailors

Hardik Parekh

Chief Executive Officer

Entirely meticulous, spontaneous and observant – Hardik is the energy-core that powers Searce. A Natural Design-Thinker, his keen mind immerses itself in any problem he encounters, until he figures out the most elegant way to fix it, sans water, food and occasionally air. (This is running the rest of us ragged, but it’s not like he’s listening.)

Ami Parekh

Chief Financial Officer

As the CFO, Ami provides financial direction, control and oversight to Searce. Ami has over 10 years of experience in working with various accounting softwares for financial reporting and MIS. She also carries over 5 years of UK accounting experience working as a Business Process Outsourcing Manager.

Prabhash Ojha

Vice President

Prabhash is what you would expect of someone with over 15 years of experience in operations and delivery management in the domain of financial outsourcing. Neat as a pin, Prabhash crosses his Ts and dots his Os. Twice. So when he manages an offshore operations center you can expect nano-scale planning and perfect execution.

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