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Crafting the most innovative software
solution to improve business processes
and deliver great business outcomes
Device agnostic custom software for
business to ride the cloud
A neat blend of strategy, approach,
capability and innovation to deliver true
value to clients
Is your organisation cloud ready?
Saas-ify legacy applications and move
seamlessly to Google or AWS cloud
Ideate, design & co-create
awesome software that transforms

There is no perfect dish without the perfect ingredients in right amount. Same way with our technosolutions backed up with technovation, you get the perfect mix.



Capability Supported with Expertise

Yesterday’s business was about 1,000 people teams and 3 year development cycles
Today the emphasis is on ideas, agility and innovation
Technology solutions need to learn on their own & connect the dots.
It needs to provide Insights. Not reports; Analytics. Not Opinions.

Learn how Searce can help you build high performance products and services, improve your existing business processes and assist you in delivering true value to your clients.


Python, .NET, PHP, Node.js


Angular.js, bootstrap 3, Material Design, HTML5, CSS3


MongoDB, Google Datastore, Google CloudSQL, DynamoDB,  MySQL, MSSQL, Neo4j,


Google App Engine, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Rackspace

Communication & Collaboration

Google Hangout, Skype, Google Apps for Work, Uberconference

Services & Tools

Asana, Basecamp, Github, Fogbugz, JIRA, Aha, invision,

Cloud Engineering
Audacious & Agile Teams: Experienced Architects,
Analysts & Geeks
We help you crystallize your product strategy, and based
on that we flesh-out your feature set Our architects
collaborate with your team to design the perfect technical
solution for your business needs
UI & UX Design
User Experience is everything!
Our designers create personas and focus groups to
analyze and foresee how users are likely to use a
software product on a wide variety of devices, and
implement responsive design principles to ensure
a consistently enjoyable experience.
Product Development
If you don’t start future proofing your legacy product,
you will be out of the game soon!
Newer technologies and disruptive innovations are continuously
reshaping the way the world uses software products

Co-create with our developers potentially game-changing solutions
100% Transparent of the development process with clear controls
and feedback
Experience = Knowing which mistakes to avoid!
4 Languages, 5 Front Ends, 7 Databases, 3 Cloud Platforms
& 10+ services & tools Creating modern Business Systems
needs much more than Technology Skills! Analysts &
consultants with rich experience in relevant domains & verticals.
Partner-Centric Approach, Project-Dedicated Team
We aim at Big Hairy Audacious Goals Giant white boards with tons
of scribbles, free-fall the way to breakthrough
Small yet empowered teams, no pure management positions;
everyone gets their hands dirty
End to end involvement in creating the best end product.
Meticulous & Collaborative Planning from ideation to deployment
Inputs: Business Needs, Costs, User Experience, Scalability,
Timelines, Security
Output: Accelerated Business Transformation

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