re-imagine the future of work

our offering

Future of work experts available on demand to drive constant improvements and efficiencies in the way you work

transform the way you work by leveraging hands on innovation labs & process improvements conducted by our future of work experts

transformation labs
  • produce financial reports as a team, welcome new hires with an onboarding website, or base customer service scripts on caller sentiments - the possibilities are endless
  • make the most of your productivity solutions by automating business processes
  • use case ideation and planning of transformation labs
  • hands-on engagement sessions with executive stakeholders - allowing everyone to experience innovation first hand
  • post lab MVP preparation assistance
custom early adopter program
  • exclusive access to product roadmaps to align your transformation journey
  • test beta solutions and help course correct the product roadmap
process transformation
  • business process improvement leveraging App Scripts and AppSheet
  • use case identification & requirements gathering
  • feasibility assessment
  • on demand project based implementation
  • UAT, deployment and post deployment trainings
BigQuery led advanced insights
  • democratize big data analytics with Connected Sheets
  • accelerate time to insights at scale
  • aggregation of workspace / drive logs into BigQuery
  • interactive data studio dashboards
  • custom trainings and ongoing improvement assistance

engagement approach

Our custom workshops and/or one time
pro-serv engagements allow us to meet you where you are. Typical process involves:



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We help you embrace change by creating newer ways to work or optimising existing processes.

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