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brainstorm & validate your ideas, develop niche product concepts and create the blueprint for your product success

application portfolio assessment and advisory services to help you along your application development or modernisation journey

technical and design guidance
  • market segment analysis
  • design guidance to craft user experiences that drive engagement
  • best practices on choices around tech stack, databases, cloud native solution architectures
application portfolio assessments
  • understand your product's current state and identify areas or UX improvement
  • performance or functionality improvement recommendations
  • comprehensive and research based strategy recommendations
cost assessments
  • detailed review of your current technical debt
  • identify low hanging fruits to improve efficiency
  • implement alternative or emerging cloud native technologies to solve for efficiency needs

engagement approach

Our custom workshops and/or one time
pro-serv engagements allow us to meet you where you are. Typical process involves:

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We help you embrace change by creating newer ways to work or optimising existing processes.

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