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Revenue Maximization
& Profitability improvement for 3PLs
Improving order-to-cash
cycles for Logistics companies
First-time-right invoicing for the logistics
with our invoize ® platform
$15 billion+ invoices auto-rated &
e-delivered for Logistics industry we are
auto-rating & billing experts.

Analytics solutions & Business Process Improvement for logistics industry


  • Accurate & Timely invoicing using Searce’s proprietary invoize platform.
  • Reduce DSO: invoice delivery & approval tracking + logistics focused AR Analytics process.
  • Detect & prevent Revenue Leakage using tariff management + auto-rating.
  • Price right using pricing & tariff analytics + intelligent quote management

Technology led  Analytics Services for 3rd Party Logistics and Freight Forwarding Companies

Rating, Billing & AR Analytics

  • Rating and Billing: Ship to Invoice Delivery Lifecycle Management
  • Auto-rating
  • Invoice Processing & online exception management
  • EDI & Web Invoicing
  • AR Analytics: Invoice Delivery to Invoice Approval Lifecycle Management
  • Invoice Delivery Acknowledgement Tracking, Invoice Approval Status Tracking, Dispute Management, Invoice Re-delivery & Approval
  • Collections: Invoice Approval to  Payment Lifecycle Management
  • Intercompany Billing & exception handling
  • Revenue leakage Analytics
  • Profitability analytics by lane, by account & by transport mode

AP Analytics

  • Procure-to-Pay Lifecycle Analytics
  • Vendor Setup, Vendor  Tariff Management & Database Maintenance
  • Invoicing self service –
    Invoice receipt management – paper, web, email
  • Pre-Payment Invoice Audit:
    Automated Invoice Audit, 3-way Bill Matching
  • Invoice status notification & online dispute management
  • Vendor Claims Processing &
    overcharge recovery from carriers for missed SLAs
  • CASS Payment processing
  • Customized Invoice Approval Workflows
  • Post-payment Freight Audit and Spend Analytics
  • Duplicate payment recovery

BD & Account Management

  • Business Development Support:
    Pricing Analytics & Bid
  • Customer Credit Profiling
  • Zero Defect Customer Setup
  • Customer Database Maintenance:
    Customer Profile Creation & account code Deduplication
  • Tariff & SOP Management,
    Tariff Expiry notification &
  • Collaborating with stations for pricing & RFP response
  • Quote Approval Workflow
  • Actionable Analytics Dashboard
  • Business Review Support
    (QBR / MBR)
  • Ad-hoc reporting & customer platform updates.

Operations Support

  • Customer Support Analytics
    for freight forwarders and
    3P Logistics
  • Track and Trace of Shipments, Shipment Milestone Reporting
  • Customer System Updates
  • Recovery Notifications,
    Appointment setup – Pickup and Delivery
  • Shipment Performance Analytics & Reporting
  • Customer Support Helpdesk
  • Shipment movement Exception Management
  • Seasonal overflow management
  • Operations Performance
  • Breakbulk & Shipment
    data processing

Our Solutions

Invoize Suite

  • Customer Profiling
  • Tariff Management
  • Quote Right
  • Global Invoice Processing System (GIPS)
  • Global Invoice Status System (GISS)
    • Bill Right
    • Custom Workflows
    • Pay Right
  • EDI and Web Invoicing System
  • Cash Collection System


Enabling ‘First-time-right’ invoicing for 3rd Party
Logistics Companies
Customer Profiling, Tariff Management, Auto-rating, EDI.
Rating, Billing & AR Analytics
Rating, Billing & AR Analytics
» Technology- agnostic approach
» Supports all documents in all formats
» Rapid adaptability to changing invoicing requirements of clients
» Payers can login and download all invoices and supporting documents
» Custom AR report generation
» Investigate unpaid/short paid invoices
» Discover patterns via advanced data analysis to drive sustainable
process improvements
» Cash application and Periodic Bank and client-vendor account reconciliation
We are *invoicing experts* for Transportation &
Logistics. Period.
Dive deeper
Rating and
Services for Rating, Billing & AR Analytics:
Revenue Leakage
EDI & Web
AR Analytics
At 3% margins you cannot afford to overpay
your invoices
Pay right the first time: using freight payment audit &
analytics platform
For every $1 Billion of your freight spend,
we will find $10 Million savings
AP Analytics
Systemic invoice audit and approval - reduced cost to audit and pay
AP Analytics
» Web and EDI enabled centralized invoice receipt workflow
» Automated rule based invoice audit process
» Quick exception routing and resolution
» Online carrier dispute resolution
» Easily accessible & documented audit trail
» Customizable audit rules to ensure all exception are
accurately identified
» Intelligent proprietary algorithms to identify duplicate
invoices and overcharges
Systemic invoice audit and approval - reduced cost to
audit and pay
Services for AP Analytics
Dive deeper
Customized Invoice
Approval Workflows
Freight Audit
Invoice Status
CASS Payment
Invoice Audit
self service
Duplicate Payment
Lifecycle Analytics
Vendor Claims
BD and Account Management Support
Collaboration platforms to consolidate rates
from multiple parties in a zippy!
Intelligent historic data-driven suggestions for rates, markup
and winning probabilities.
Stop wasting countless hours managing data
with a Powerful Analytics Dashboard.
So that Business Development can do ‘Business Development’
BD and Account Management Support
» Centralized, up-to-date pricing database to process
the customer RFQs
» Easily available historical bid data, along with lane-wise win-loss details –
better decision making
» Documenting pricing assumptions in a retrievable format
» Final rate validation before submission
» Limit your exposure to bad debts
» Strategic approach to customer on-boarding: Assess, Document,
Setup and Monitor
So that Business Development can do ‘Business Development’
Services for BD and Account Management Support:
Tariff & SOP
Business Development
Zero Defect
Customer Setup
Customer Database
with stations
Credit Profiling
Quote Approval
Actionable Analytics
Business Review
Support (QBR / MBR)
Operation Support
Create a single destination for customer support:
Improve support response time
Experienced operations knowledge-base
+ Proactive support mindset = Better customer relations
Advanced logistics operations analytics
= Superlative performance = Maximized contract renewal
Customer Delight requires a Happier Support Team!
Logistics Operations Support
Customer Delight requires a Happier Support Team!
» Provide actionable intelligence to improve on-time performance and
identify credit claims for non-performance
» Measuring carrier performance and latency between important milestones
» Identify revenue distribution amongst various business groups/divisions
over a period of time.
» Monitor in-transit checkpoints and transit milestones for all shipment
modes from origin to destination
» Identify in-transit gaps between actual and expected transit schedules to enable
re-routes and to preempt service failures
» Dedicated team catering to ad-hoc customer requirements
» Web based and centralized issue visibility and resolution
Services for Operations Support
Dive deeper
Customer System
Seasonal overflow
Customer Support
Shipment movement
Exception Management
Track and Trace
of Shipments
Customer Support
Operations Performance
Breakbulk & Shipment
data processing

Some Astounding Stats- Well they speak for them self!!!

Invoices delivered electronically

Shipments on-time performance managed per month

Disputes resolved annually – First time resolutions

Proprietary Technology solutions for Logistics

Actively managed & auto-rated


Payment Company/EDI partnerships


Deep domain expertise

Yes, when we say 100%, we mean 100%

We have said it enough, it’s time to listen to our Happy clients!

  • Our relationship has developed over the years where Searce has become an integral part of our operations. It has matured into customer facing activities such as account management and business development functions.

    One of the fastest growing multi-modal 3PL companies in the USA.
  • Your company has supported the right mix of people, technology and analytics to improve processes for us in the quoting, pricing, account payables and auditing functions.

    A preferred Logistics service provider for niche retail customers.

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