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Document approvals and eKYC at lightning speed

Easy Integration

Highly Scalable

Enterprise Grade Security

Enterprise Ready

Transforming the process of new customer onboarding

A SaaS based eKYC Utility – Leave the heavy lifting of running servers and services to us. Just bring the documents and liberate your data.

High Accuracy – Eliminate human error with strong structural integrity with powered by Google Machine Learning APIs.

Scalable – Build on Google’s highly scalable infrastructure to handle any given load at any given moment.

You own your data and documents, we just parse it for you and store none on our servers.

Parse, extract and store targeted text and images

Always Highly Available – Immediate onboarding and go live with monthly uptime percentage to customer of at least 99.95%

Top official documents recognized by Government of India are supported out of the box and the system keeps on learning and adding more documents to its arsenal every day.

Higher Speed – Real time processing of high volumes. Concurrent users can process multiple documents at a time.

Can identify forged docs – Trained model with highest accuracy.

Easy Integration – Integrate APIs and automate your eKYC workflow

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