Product Development Tech Solutions Company Leverages Searce Expertise and AWS Technologies to Ensure Scalable, Cost-Effective and Secure Deployments


Facing deployment difficulties, the product development and service based company, dedicated to offering technology solutions and services, approached Searce and AWS to improve the pace and quality of their innovations.

Their tech team was traditionally using Elastic Beanstalk to deploy their application. Whenever they had a new revision, they were uploading the code manually which became a tedious task when it came to handling the deployments in lower environments and certifying their revision.

Searce Solution

Searce provided a solution architecture that ensures that most of the tasks are automated without the need for manual intervention. The Searce solution involved:

  • Creating new Separate VPC for Dev, Staging and Production.
  • Creating CodePipelines to automate the beanstalk deployment by using CodeCommit and Codebuild in Dev and Staging
  • Creating another pipeline once staging certies the build to deploy on Production Environment
  • Using terraform to automate the creation of infrastructure and also leveraged the use of AWS CI/CD tools to deploy the infrastructure for newer environments
  • Re-architecturing the existing architecture to meet highly available, reliable and secure architecture by following a well-architected framework
Business Impact

The Searce solution enabled the organisation to resolve their existing issues and boost their business with:

  • Reduced complexity of the release process
  • A system to test and certify the builds before deploying on Production environment
  • Re-architecting the architecture to ensure secure, cost effective, highly available and reliable deployments
Industry: Information Technology and Services
Location: India