How a Pay-Later Fintech Firm Devised a Change Optimization Program to Achieve its Goals and Chose DevOps as the Centerpiece of that Program

Many buy-now and pay-later solutions are growing popular which work on simple terms - they allow users to shop without paying and settle their bills later.

  • Highly manual development processes
  • Relatively slow time to market
  • High costs of doing business

The brand devised a change optimization program to achieve its goals and chose DevOps as the centerpiece of that program.

  • Configured CI/CD pipeline to pull codes from source
  • Configured CI/CD tool to work with Unit test tools, Load test tools
  • Helped in securing the DevOps pipeline
  • Created EC2 using Packer tool and deploying applications to EC2 for orchestration tool using CodeDeploy tools
Business Impact
  • Achieved faster time to market with minimum operating costs
  • Reduced the manual intervention, admin overheads and realize the maximum value from the automation on cloud
  • Adding an extra layer of email based approval for CI/CD ensured only the right set of people/process have the authority to make changes to the resource utilization.