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Google App Engine
Google App Engine

Platform To Build Scalable Web Apps & Mobile Backends

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Google App Engine – A powerful platform to build apps which scales automatically


Google App Engine is a cloud computing technology offered by Google Cloud Platform for hosting web applications in Google-managed data centers. Google App Engine is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering for Python, Java, Go and PHP.

App Engine application can run in two environments, the standard environment & the flexible environment. Both these environments can be used in your application simultaneously if you structure your application using the micro-services architecture.


Build Apps
Build Apps

Build robust and highly scalable web applications & mobile backends with built-in services & APIs like NoSQL datastores, memcache, and a user authentication API.

Scales Automatically
Scales Automatically

Google App Engine will scale your application automatically based on need, from zero to millions of users in response to the amount of traffic it receives.

Start Quickly, Build Faster
Start Quickly, Build Faster

Deploying web and mobile applications becomes much faster for you with built-in services like load balancing, health checks, and application logging.


Google Cloud SQL
A fully-managed web service that enables you to create, configure, and use relational databases that resides in Google's cloud.
NoSQL Datastore
A schemaless object datastore, including a rich data modeling API, scalable storage & SQL-like query language.
Popular Languages
Build your application in Python, Java, PHP or Go.
User Authentication
Allows applications to sign in users with the Google Accounts and addresses these users with unique identifiers.
Perform Google-like searches over structured data such as atom, HTML, plain text, numbers, dates, and geographic locations.
A distributed, in-memory data cache that can be extensively used to enhance & improve application performance.
Security Scanner
Security Scanner by default scans the common web application security for vulnerabilities, like mixed content & XSS.
Traffic Splitting
Route incoming requests to different app versions, run A/B tests & do incremental feature roll-outs.


Instances 28 instance hours $0.065 Instance per hour
Cloud Datastore (NoSQL) – Operations 50k reads, 20k write, 20k deletes $0.08 reads, $0.23 writes, $0.03 deletes Per 100k entities for each category
Cloud Datastore (NoSQL) – Storage 1 GB $0.23 GB / month
Network Traffic (Outgoing) 1 GB $0.14 GB
Network Traffic (Incoming) 1 GB FREE -
Cloud Storage 5 GB $0.03 GB / month
Memcache – Dedicated Pool Free Usage of Shared Pool, no free quota for Dedicated Pool $0.078 (Free usage of Shared Pool) GB / hour
Search – Searches 1000 basic operations, 100 searches $ 0.65 10k searches
Search – Indexing Documents 0.01 GB $2.60 GB
Email API 100 recipients Contact Sales -
Logs API 100 MB $0.156 GB
Task Queue 5 GB $0.03 GB / month
SSL Virtual IPs - $50.70 Virtual IP / month
Bundled Services Cron, Image Manipulation, SNI SSL Certificates, Socket API, Task Queue API, URLFetch, Users API

We have said it enough, it’s time to listen to our Happy clients!

  • Google Cloud Platform team at Searce understood our priorities, they do understood our clients’ needs, and worked with us on a daily basis and gave us timely recommendations and solutions. We now have optimized our infrastructure, managing customer responses and making them more secure.

    Head - IT, Leading Financial Services Company
  • Searce played a vital role in understanding our organizational & IT requirements. Their business and Google Cloud Platform consultants collaborated with our management & IT team both on-site and off-site regularly and helped us make the right choices.

    CTO - Leading Manufacturing Company in India
  • In nearly every case when we hit a road block, the Searce team was prepared with numerous options for addressing that issue. We worked together as a team and determined the best approach and discussed how we would present this to the Business. I have come to rely on Searce for this type of innovation.. I appreciate the Searce Google Cloud Platform team’s dedication, support, and their outstanding “customer first” mentality.

    Director (IT) - Leading FMCG company in India

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