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Every minute spent on infrastructure
is time NOT spent on your business
When work tools make your life easier,
work gets better

We take companies to the cloud through 100% “Google-ization”

Grow A lot more with Searce

  • Define customized go-to-cloud strategy
  • Customized application development
  • “True SaaS-ification” by seamless transition from legacy applications to 100% cloud solutions
  • Bring your focus on your customers and customers alone!
  • Accelerate your business

Human Resource
Recruit. Train. Retain. Happier Resources =
Better Business Outcomes
» Highly intuitive, learns your priorities & offers intelligent choices
» Woven seamlessly with gmail, google calendar & other google apps
» Hire smarter, ramp up quicker & manage easier
» Find more time for people-care
Human Resource
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Happier Dashboard
Happier Learn
Cloud devices
Infrastructure changes too rapidly, how can you
confine it to physical platforms?
» Don’t fragment your life within age-old devices,
switch to a more efficiently organized lifestyle
» Always up to date, no need for backups, migration or re-imaging
» Web-based device management: superior administrator control
Cloud devices
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Chromebox for Signages
Android Wear
Chromebox for Meetings

Communication & Collaboration
With better communication comes better alignment
With better alignment comes better productivity
Feature rich:
» Built screen sharing
» Access control options
» Content encryption

Designed for more efficient communication so that you deliver results faster
Integrated with calendar, so you are just one click away from your
meetings Save money & time on travel, but still get all the benefits
of face-to-face contact public platform for showcasing your brand
Communication & Collaboration
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Chromebox for meetings
Google Apps for work
Google Hangouts
Google Drive for work
Cloud Storage and Backup
Maintaining data servers, storage disks, firewalls, backup copies
and disaster recovery provisions = TOO MUCH TO WORRY ABOUT
» Solutions that go above and beyond industry standards to make sure
your enterprise data is secure and protected
» Robust search engines to locate backed up files in minutes
» Make the panic button obsolete!
Cloud Storage and Backup
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Google Vault
Cloud Security
» Experts to help you identify your company’s security objectives
» Dedicated team to design and setup a tailor-made security solution
» Securely manage mobile devices across varied OS
» Single set of login credentials, hassle free access to multiple applications
» Admin-friendly security management platforms
Business is built on your client’s trust:
trust in your abilities to keep their data secure
Cloud Security
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Mobile Device
Directory LDAP
Streamline your support and deliver happiness
to your customers
» Quick to setup, Easy to use
» Suggested solutions, scenario automations & bulk actions
» No matter how customers choose to contact you, stay on
top of all requests
» Reduce your response time
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Invoicing & Payment
We are experts in invoicing and payment services
» Invoize: Revenue Maximization for 3rd Party Logistics Companies
» Feecounter: Enhanced admission experience for students with an
extensive payment gateway
» Cloud based data storage and analytics
Invoicing & Payment
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Lucid Charts
Data is powerful. Charts are eloquent.
» Brainstorming & mind mapping
» Material and information flow diagrams
» All your charting requirements from project ideation to successful completion
» Sketch and share professional diagrams on the go
Lucid Charts
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Bulk Import and Export
Collaborate and Share
Data Flow Diagrams
Instant Org Charts
Integrates with Google Apps
Org Chart Software
Site Map Creator
Value Stream Maps
Venn Diagram
1000 of Shapes
Mind Mapping
The size of the classroom can no more dictate
the strength of the class

Consult Searce now!

» 45 million users, 190 countries, 7 out of 8 Ivy league
schools are on Google
» Find thousands of teacher approved apps, books and videos
» Simplified administrator controls
» Easy to manage and affordable
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Chromebooks for
Classroom For
Chromebox For
Google Apps
For Education
Happier Deck

We have said it enough, it’s time to listen to our Happy clients!

  • Our relationship has developed over the years where Searce has become an integral part of our operations. It has matured into customer facing activities such as account management and business development functions.

    One of the fastest growing multi-modal 3PL companies in the USA.
  • Your company has supported the right mix of people, technology and analytics to improve processes for us in the quoting, pricing, account payables and auditing functions.

    A preferred Logistics service provider for niche retail customers.

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