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It's an app, but I think about it more as a way of running a company.”
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-Mark Zuckerberg

Introduction To Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook is a collaboration & communication platform that connects everyone in the company across hierarchies & locations, enabling the companies get more done.

It is the social network you know, but for work.

Benefits unlocked on Workplace adoption

Enhance Innovation & Ideation
Drive two-way communication and sharing to nurture the innovation agenda across the organization
Reduce Operational Costs
Introduce enhanced ways of meeting & sharing, cutting the travel & telecommunication costs
Improve Customer Experience
Give voice to every employee & empower them with quick access to information for serving the customers more efficiently
Enhance Employee Satisfaction
Equip your employees with the tools & technologies they love and can use anytime from anywhere
Raise Productivity & Efficiency
Create bots and automate repetitive workflows, freeing up your employee to take care of things that actually matter

Why Workplace

Easy Adoption

You know how to use Facebook, so you know how to use Workplace.

Mobile First

Workplace is great for teams who travel, has worldwide footprints or don’t want to be bound to a desk!

Engage the Employees

Workplace is in sync with the new age communication technologies that millennials/employees value.

Less Email

With Workplace 1:1 & 1: many communication options, you can reduce long email chains and make decision making faster & more inclusive.

Get more done

Workplace comes with lots of features and a lot more is being added constantly. Which means, you get additional functionalities & get more done.

Safe & Secure

Workplace is safe, secure and fully integrated with user authentication systems like SSO (Single Sign On). Moreover, the organization owns the data.

Why Searce for Workplace

As one of the first official Workplace APAC Service Delivery Partner, Searce is an ideal choice to help you leverage Workplace. We make sure that every adoption is a huge success that drives the commercial impact. Ask our expert to explore more.

Our Services

Broadly, we have two services offerings:

Launch Services & Bots

Custom Integrations Services

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