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‘Google way’
Automate and improve your
people management processes the

Happierhr is an intelligent software that automates business processes, makes approvals easier and fun. All employee documents paperless and everything linked to your gmail, drive and calendar – no additional logins to manage. Happierhr is a people-care software for Google Apps. It is woven seamlessly with gmail, attaches to the google calendar, reads google drive, locates google maps, and couples neatly with everything else Google! It offers intelligent choices so that you make better decisions. Happierhr understands people, improves processes and thus delivers happiness. It’s a simple step to make work less work.

HappierHR (Core HR)

» HRIS – System of Records for all Employees
» Customizable Leave and Holiday Profiles
» Change in Reporting (change of manager, etc.)
» Change in Designation
» Change in Location
» Shift Planning and Management
» Dynamic Org Charts

» Custom Approval Workflows
» Automate System Notifications
» Time & Attendance- Track Time-offs and Vacations
» Configure any System Reminder, Birthday, Holiday, etc.
» Integration with Access Control Systems
» Automatic Google+ circle Creation and Management


HappierHire (Recruit module)


» Hire Dashboard
» Hiring Workflow Design
» Job Description Design
» Hiring Process Scheduling and Applicant Tracking
» Resume Parsing & Processing
» Resume Database Creation and Candidate Search

» Applicant Rating & Comments
» Auto-send Emails to Applicants
» Personalized Email Templates
» Customize Career Site
» Career Website Integration
» Self-learning System while Tagging Resumes

Simply Enroll!

Single reference point for all available courses along with the detailed information i.e. course duration, skills that a candidate will acquire after completing the course, optional/mandatory subjects, certification, etc. Learner can read the feedback provided by candidates who have already completed the course to gain a better understanding. Just hit ‘Enroll’ and get started.

Sneak in the Workflows & Build online courses

HappierLearn allows you to add and schedule course along with the details of specific skill set that a people will acquire on completion. Categorize people in different profiles, on the basis of designation, location, date of joining, etc. Assign courses to these profiles and track their completion effectively.

Competency Mapping

On course completion and evaluation, skills acquired will be auto-updated in employee profile details. HappierLearn maps learning path and courses to specific competencies people will develop.

Real-time insights

Simple and comprehensive analytics about everything that happens inside your e-learning environment. HappierLearn dashboard provide you insights about top registered, completed and dropped courses. It helps you decide which courses are not effective and needs replacement.

Track self-completed courses

Users can record externally completed courses so that they start appearing on their profile. They can also recommend administrators to make them available for other peers.

Request for Courses/Classes

Users can request for courses that are not available by simply filling short requirement for or request for a class with preferred time/location. Administrators can review these request and convert these request to new course/class on a single click.

Configurable approval workflow

Course registration, completion, self-completed courses can be controlled by a configurable approval workflow.

Happily engage people in their learning and development

Encourages people to invest in their own development through various courses available on their devices. Keep employees engaged and motivated by helping them grow in their learning graph.

Single sign-on using Google App

One Google login - Access Happierhr and any other application that comes with SAML login. The only comprehensive people software that deeply integrates with Google Apps for work and education.

Happierhr is designed to let you work smarter, focus on what really matters and get work done from anywhere, on any device.

Custom Dashboard

Responsive and multi-device friendly dashboard with customizable tabs. Configurable widgets for Company announcements, Notifications, Birthdays, event reminders.

People Directory

Easily access contact details of colleagues, their telephone extensions, and initiate hangouts or instant messages directly from the directory widget.

Notifications & Announcements

Announce new employees or important company updates, reinforce organizational branding messages or culture change initiatives through a customizable theme for different branches.

Drive, Email, Calendar Summary

Review important statistics and summary at one glance.

We have said it enough, it’s time to listen to our Happy clients!

  • Moving to G Suite (previously Google Apps)  with Searce has been a wonderful experience. Many of our employees work in remote construction sites. They now have easy access to email, calendar and documents, even without a traditional office. G Suite makes life much simpler. When we calculated the total cost of ownership (TCO) between Google Apps and and our previous solution over a period of 3 years, G Suite was 25 percent cheaper. Most important, our employees like using it. We sacrificed nothing and have gained a great deal.

    VP - IT, Hiranandani
  • We are very pleased with G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) and the excellent services provided by Searce. There has been virtually no downtime in the last 3-4 years. Our IT team is happier now that they no longer need to do spam control and can invest their time in business critical technology. G Suite stood out from all the solutions we evaluated. Searce as our cloud technology partner took care of all the deployment and migration. By having a fully integrated solution, we would be able to achieve our goals of simplifying our infrastructure, significantly reducing operating costs and improving end-user productivity.

    CFO, USV

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