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Searce is Global Premier Partner for Google Maps.
We offer a unique combination of services to meet your Google Maps licensing needs with the use of Google Maps API’s.

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Benefits of Google Maps

Visualize your data
Connect with unique insights & analyze business performance by embedding maps into websites & applications.
Optimize Assets
Monitor, manage & protect important assets in real-time with Google Maps.
Engage user differently
Increase visitor traffic and drive user action by embedding maps in your sites and applications.
Build amazing apps
Build powerful applications that can track assets, alert based on geofences, and geolocate devices.

Google Maps APIs

Google provides a rich set of location APIs for building amazing web and mobile applications which includes Javascript Maps API, Static Maps API, Street View API, Embed API, Directions API, Distance-matrix API, Roads API, Places API, Geocoding API, Geolocation API, Time Zone API, Elevation API

Google Maps Pricing Details

Google Maps pricing is flexible and scales to fit your unique needs.

What Our Customers Say

Faasos CEO
Soumyadeep Burman

We have been using Google maps across our systems for various internal and external products. Searce team has been very responsive and helpful throughout the journey with any challenge we faced during the implementation.

Rapido Co-Founder
Rishikesh SR

Kudos to the Searce team for understanding our needs and quickly helping with the Google Maps APIs and Solutioning as a Prime partners with Google

Goibibo Sr. Manager IT
Nikhil Sharad

It has been a great experience, working with the Google Maps Team at Searce. As Premier Partners with Google, they are great to work with and understood our business problem clearly. We appreciate the partnership and hope to grow together, going forward.

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