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Searce – Google Cloud APAC Sales Partner of The Year 2017

In Cloud Solutions Posted

Searce has been awarded the Google Cloud APAC Sales Partner of The Year 2017. The award was presented to Searce leadership team at the recently concluded Google Cloud Next held in San Francisco.

“We’re delighted to recognise Searce as the 2017 Google Cloud APAC Partner of the Year based on the company’s dedication to helping Google Cloud customers in APAC achieve success across Google Cloud Platform, Google Maps, G Suite & other Google Cloud products,” said Rick Harshman, M...

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In Google Maps Platform Posted

Google Maps Platform

Google has recently launched a new Geo platform Google Maps Platform. It is a step towards simplifying the user experience and making it easier for them to access and use Google Maps. It is now one platform, one plan, and one console to manage all the services. It is now easier than ever before to crea...

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