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Google Maps Platform

Google has recently launched a new Geo platform Google Maps Platform. It is a step towards simplifying the user experience and making it easier for them to access and use Google Maps. It is now one platform, one plan, and one console to manage all the services. It is now easier than ever before to create custom business applications with the opportunity to scale up/down as and when you want. The new platform will start functioning from June 11, 2018, across the globe except for India, Brazil, and Canada. Also, all keyless usage will be deprecated starting June 11. However, for customers across all geographies, the new terms and pricing would not go into effect until July 16. This gives everyone an additional month to get hands-on experience on the new platform.

How is this new platform easier?

The Google APIs have now been classified into three components: Maps, Routes, and Places. The model is Pay-as-you-go monthly model, where you exactly pay for what you use. The users will no longer be locked into an annual contract. Google is encouraging developers all across the globe to build applications using Google Maps by providing $200 credit every month. The new model enables users having low/sporadic traffic to explore the Platform without making huge upfront payment.

Google Maps API Structure

The regrouping of all APIs into three categories have simplified the implementation and billing process considerably. The APIs will be billed individually following a granular billing model. The APIs have been divided as follows:

Maps: Javascript Maps, Static Maps, Street View, Embed API
Routes: Directions API, Distance-matrix API, Roads API
Places: Places API, Geocoding API, Geolocation API, Time Zone API, Elevation API

Under the new platform discounting model, the customer will receive discounts based on the usage per month. The APIs will be eligible for individual discounts. The Google Maps Platform Premium Plan bills on an individual API basis and automatic discounting is applied on each API separately. Billing directly with Google makes the user accessible to 2 Tier discount levels. To unlock higher level discount tiers, one will have to contact a Google Maps Premier partner.

Support and Console – Google Maps Platform

Google is broadening access to free Google support to all the Maps customers with a billing account. Online support would be available 24×5.

The Google Cloud Platform Console now provides a more tailored experience to manage your Google Maps Platform implementation and billing. With the console, you can set up your account, manage your implementation, view billing, track API usage and spending trends, access customer support, and more.

The role of Searce as a Google Maps Premier partner

Searce, has an in-house team of extremely enthusiastic individuals who are fully trained on Google Maps platform. We will be able to provide support and tailored advice to help you solve all maps related queries and make you transition to the new platform smoother and easier.

Google Maps Platform webinar

To have a better understanding of the new Platform, do watch this webinar by Google Maps ASEAN lead, Nicola Dalmazzo and Searce Google Maps South-East Asia lead, Riya Verma. We have discussed the changes in the new plans and pricing in detail.


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