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“Kudos to the Searce team for understanding our needs and quickly helping with the Google Maps APIs and Solutioning as a Premier partner with Google”
-Rishikesh SR, Co-Founder Rapido

Rapido is an on-demand Ride Sharing/Pooling Platform headquartered in Bengaluru, founded by extremely talented IIT Alumni Aravind Sanka, Rishikesh SR, and Pavan Guntupalli in 2015. Rapido is now available in 15+ cities across India with over 30000 rides every day.

The Challenge
Founded in 2016, Rapido started in Bengaluru with a vision to create a viable commute option for metropolitan population. Now it has spread across 15 cities in India. Rapido platform is similar to a pooling platform where riders/captains need not necessarily be employed full time.

Rapido was looking to build a strong platform with a powerful mapping tool which would benefit both the riders and customers to locate each other easily and cut down on travel time with defining the best optimised route.

The Solution
Rapido worked with Google Maps Premier Partner Searce and used a variety of Maps APIs to cater to its customer base.
When customers launch the app on their iOS/Android devices, the phone’s GPS detects their location, shows them locations of all nearby Rapido captains, and displays bike locations on the map as they drive.
Customers can zoom in and out and navigate around the map using familiar Google Maps controls. It calculates the best route for bike drivers to get to customers – helping them get there faster – while passengers know how long it will take for their bikes to pick them up.

Elements of the Success before/after implementing the solution?

  • Post the implementation of Google Maps APIs, Rapido has seen a 20% month on month growth. Within a span of 28 months, Rapido has completed 5 million rides since its inception.
  • The Captains are able to reach the customers faster and customers are able to track their rides easily.

Google Maps APIs Used

  • Geocoding API
  • Directions API
  • Distance Matrix API
  • Google Maps Android API
  • Google Maps SDK for iOS

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